Inspiration from Angels Never Die Winter collection

I love Angels Never Die. It’s a clothing company based in Turkey. I have a few of their dresses, but they’re quite expensive. Well, maybe not expensive if you compare it to other designer brands, but still, out of my price range. I’d like to try to recreate some of the looks if I can. I already have something in mind. I made up an inspiration board, which I’ll share with you a bit later.


This one’s a bit vampirish without being too over the top.


I love the topstitching on the bodice. It makes it look corset-like.


I bought this one


I really want to make one like this, but I have no idea how to ruche the sides like that while keeping the front panel smooth. I feel an experiment coming on…


Warm, yet stylish. Yes, please!


So sweet. I love the ruffle detailing. It’s darling, but not too cutesy, like you’re wearing kid’s clothes.


So get on over to to check out their full collection.

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