Meet the maker

Zoe Livana means life goddess in greek. It’s a name that gives me inspiration and feels nice on the tongue.

This blog chronicles my sewing projects.

When I first started blogging, I would have said that I mainly like to sew with Vogue patterns, but in 2013 especially, I became acquainted with many indie designers such as Megan Nielsen, Deer and DoeColette patterns, and Victory Patterns, and I’ve fallen in love.

A little bit about the non-sewing-related me: I’m very interested in urban development and implementing new technologies in the city to bring the ‘countryside’ back into the city, for instance with vertical farming. I think gardening and crafting are underestimated in the west, in our industrialized day and age. A lot of us have become nothing more than passive consumers, not knowing where our food and products come from, how it’s made and how it gets to us. We are kept in the dark about so many aspects of the supply chain and the food chain, and that’s the way industry likes it because if we knew exactly what goes into the making of a McDonald’s hamburger, we probably would never want to eat one again (actually, I don’t eat there at all unless absolutely necessary).

Last update: 4 february 2013

7 thoughts on “Meet the maker

  1. You would really like the Pacific Northwest with our penchant for urban chickens. I always kind of laugh at such an idea, it seems so primitive to me, but it’s become quite popular in Portland. I am with you totally about the undervaluing of crafts; sure people like handcrafted items, but paying crafters for their time is another story. Oh well, those of us who garden and craft do it for the love of it and because it makes us happy. I’d like to share my flower garden which always made me very happy I hope it makes you happy, too.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a note of encouragement. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments. It’s funny you mention urban chickens because I grew up in western Canada next door to my grandparents who always kept about a dozen chickens. Now that all the kids are grown they still have about 4 of them.

  2. Western Canada, ey. Nice to meet you! Well then, you know all about our northwest enthusiasm for environmentalism, self reliance and resourcefulness that is a hallmark of our region. My grandma had chickens, too, but she lived rurally, which probably accounts for my amusement with the idea of urban chickens. But hey, who doesn’t like fresh eggs in the morning and what better than to have your own supply in the back yard.

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  4. Hi Joanne! This is Kat from The Monthly Stitch. We just drew the winner of the new Muse Gillian dress pattern, and you won! Can you please email me (macska at gmail dot com) so we can organise getting your pattern to you? Thanks! 🙂

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