Reveal: The Cordova Jacket in Black and White


So here it is finally! I have a few things left to do on the inside, but it’s pretty much done.

First, I promised to tell you about how I attached the peplum. Since Tasia from Sewaholic did not reply to me, I decided to ask the lovely Trisha from Made by Trisha because she made a great version of the Cordova jacket in purple. Here was her reply:

I’m at work, so I don’t have the pattern in front of me, but if I remember correctly, I think I had a similar issue. If memory serves me, the back of the jacket needs to be a bit longer than the peplum so you can fold it under slightly for the hem. Does that make sense?

So I had to fake it to make it. I ended up pinning and sewing the peplum 3.5cm from the back edge. It turned out pretty well, but I probably should have made it 4cm. I hope this helps some of you who want to make the jacket.

I’m pretty happy with this jacket. I like the contrasting fabrics. Don’t ask me about this silly pose.

I’m not sure aout the size. Once I saw this picture, I kind of think it’s a bit too big on me. Although, that would make it easy to wear a sweater under it.

I love the sleeve pleats! They look so cute! I also didn’t realize how terrible these jeans look from the back! I shall only wear them with tunics from now on.

Well, as a wearable muslin, I think it turned out pretty well. What would I do differently?

  • Maybe I need to cut out a smaller size.
  • I would use a thinner fabric like a canvas.
  • I will definitely line the next one.
  • And attach the peplum 4cm from the lower back bottom edge.

Cordova jacket progress

Hello everyone!

So I’m making a wearable muslin of the Cordova Jacket from Sewaholic patterns. Here’s a little update on my progress:

I decided not to line the jacket, except for the sleeves, so I’m using two finishing techniques for the seams: for the boucle-type fabric, I’m finishing the seams using bias binding; for the wool, I’m just pinking it because it doesn’t fray anyway. Maybe it looks a bit strange, definitely incongruent, but with my track record, it’s pretty good. I’m not one to finish seams at all, but I’m trying to change that. My recent purchase of these new pinking shears shows my commitment to that goal 😉


Here’s a couple of photos of what I’ve done so far. It’s basically step 1 in the instructions, which is to sew together the front and back and sides. I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock with adding the peplum because it’s not supposed to match up at the back.  The bottom of the center back acts as part of the facing. However, mine does match up, and there are no markings or measurements for me to follow.


Sure, I could figure it out by measuring the facing and stuff, but that takes time. And I’d rather be working on my thesis or my blog than figure out a pattern. So I wrote a quick message to Tasia of Sewaholic patterns to get some advice, which I will share with you in my next progress report.

On a side note, that bit of blue showing through on my dressform was a failed attempt at a Roxanne tunic from Victory Patterns. I was making a wearable muslin from an old voile curtain. But curtain voile is a terrible fabric to make something fashionable out of! When I tried it on, the sleeves were pulling in the back, which totally wrecked the fabric. I think, I mean, I know I have to make it out of a different fabric, and maybe add a little bit extra around the shoulder. So it was not in vain. But I am not ready to part with it yet, that’s why it’s still on my dress form.

Everybody hurts, sometimes.

I recently read a tumblr post from a DIYer confessing that she had problems with depression. That same day, I went to change my incoming voicemail message and BOOM. My old recorded message was still there. My pre-accident message.

Dad on quad

My dad, on the left, riding said quad

That may not seem like just cause to break into tears, but I did. You see, I had this accident a few years ago where I ran into a tree with a quad. It was just a normal day. I had gone with my parents to British Columbia to visit family there for the weekend. On the second day, early afternoon, my cousin had taken out the quads. One was small that the kids could ride and the other was a huge motherfucker. So the kids were wizzing around. My dad also took his turn on the quad. Someone asked if I wanted to go on, but I at first refused. But it looked so fun. So I changed out of my skirt and into blue jeans, I borrowed a pair of sneakers from my younger cousin, put on a helmet, and after a quick lesson on how to shift and accelerate, I was winding my way through the yard.

Dad on quad 2

Dad on said quad, right, and my parents dog, left

I looped around the side of the house, but there was a tree in the way. I tried to avoid it, but somehow the quad got away from me. Nobody saw it and I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I ended up pinned between the tree and the quad. Not being able to breathe from the force, I passed out. I came to with someone saying “somebody call an ambulance!” in the background. As it turns out, thankfully, my cousin heard the motor sound change, and when he came to check, thinking I’d stalled the engine, he proceeded to pull the quad off of me all by himself.

I was laying on my stomach, helmet still on my head, and my parents on either side of me.  I remember that the helmet seemed like it was choking me, so I took it off myself. Then I touched my neck and I looked at my hand and there was blood on it. I couldn’t swallow and I kept apologizing for having to spit. When the ambulance finally arrived, after what seemed like forever, they checked my spine and turned me over. They could see the injury on my neck, but they had to check for other injuries, so they cut off my clothing, which I remember totally pissing me off because if they’d asked me to, I would have taken them off myself. I was wearing new jeans and a new leather jacket that I had gotten on sale and knew at that silly moment that I’d never find another jacket like that at that price. I was perfectly coherent, answering all of the EMT’s questions, yet unable to give a good answer to the question of “what happened?”

air ambulance

The ambulance that came to get me

In the meantime, an air ambulance landed in the neighbour’s yard across the street. I was on a stretcher and I had my neck stabilized and an oxygen mask over my face and mouth. I was wheeled into the ambulance and we took a very short ride across the street to get to the helicopter. It was the only helicopter ride I’d been on in my life and I’m kind of sad it happened when I couldn’t enjoy it. They strapped me in and gave me one of those sucky things they have at the dentist to suck out the spit from your mouth because I couldn’t swallow.

I think they took me to Columbia hospital, a car ride that would normally take 45 minutes from my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Surrey, took only 10 minutes in the helicopter. That’s where I got to go in an MRI so they could rule out any spinal injuries I think. When it was clear, they took the neck brace off. I remember thinking that I really had to go pee, but all of the doctors were talking around me and not to me, so I waited. When I finally got the chance to tell them I had to go, they told me they were going to put me under and put a catheter in. It was quite scary because I still felt like I could get up and go by myself, even though my airway was slowly closing.

In the time I was out, I was intubated and transferred to another hospital, Burnaby I think, so I could have surgery done by a specialized ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor. As it turns out, my larynx had been broken, along with some soft tissue damage on the left side of neck. Also, both of my vocal chords had been detached, either in the accident or during the intubation. So the ENT doctor had to reattach the vocal chords and did a tracheotomy because my throat was much too swollen for me to breathe on my own.

Apparently I woke up shortly after the surgery, but I was so doped up that I lost at least a day. What I finally remember was waking up with a tube in my nose and a tube in my throat and I could not talk. My mom was there and she told me not to talk and that she had called my husband and he was trying to get there as soon as possible. However, at the time, there was still a bit of volcanic ash from the Iceland volcano erruption that had happened about a month before, and there were a lot of people who had to travel that had been delayed. The accident happened on a Saturday, and I think he arrived on the following Wednesday.

Now for the fun part.

To be continued…

The Cordova Jacket preparations


The first thing that struck me about this pattern was the fact that I needed to cut out one size! I knew that Sewaholic patterns are designed for pear-shaped women, but it still surprised me that I didn’t need to flare out the pattern at the hips. It took me a whole episode of Bunheads to cut out, but then my scissors were dull, so that didn’t help.

I ‘finished’ this sack dress from a burda download recently and when I tried it on before hemming, I realized that it didn’t fit correctly. It was too tight around my thighs and too huge around my waist. It literally looked like I was wearing a potato sack made from fashion fabrics. I made the dress out of a remnant of black wool coating and a heavy knit for contrast at the sides. I tried to take it in a bit at the waist, but it still looked terrible. So I’m going to selvage the wool to make a wearable muslin for the Cordova jacket.

I don’t think it will be enough, so I shall take this really cool black and white checkered fabric I bought to make a purse and use it as contrast and maybe a sleeve. I’ll have to see when I lay out the pattern pieces. I’m not going to line the jacket. Maybe the sleeves. Instead I’m going to finish all of the seams with seam binding. I’ll save the work of adding a lining to the other Cordova jacket project I have in mind.

A quick google search of the Cordova jacket has yielded no process photos from any bloggers. Would anyone like to see my process? I’ve never really taken a lot of photos while I’m sewing, but I could try.  Well, I’ll leave you with a photo of me getting ready to cut out the pattern. And yes, that’s the sack dress.


So, I was able to cut out all of the pieces from the dress and the checkered fabric except for the front facing. So I might cut up an old pair of black treggings for that.

I think this goes well with the stashbusting challenge theme for March: Impending Seasonal Change. I am really looking forward to summer so I can wear all my pretty dresses. In the meantime, I might be able to get away with that if I have a warm and stylish jacket to cover up with.