Sureau reveal and a giveaway


Hello everyone. Today I am revealing my Sureau dress to you. And I also realized that my blog has been around for a whole year! I’ve only really started blogging the last few months, but still… It warrants a giveaway, don’t you think? Sorry, the giveaway is now closed. First, the reveal.

ImageI love how the style cinches in my waist. I cut a size 40 for the top and a 42 for the skirt. I also added 4cm to the bodice to make the seam lay on my waist. I could have even added another centimeter.


I used a 100% cotton fashion fabric I found in the outlet section of my local fabric store, Jan Sikkes. It cuts and sews up beautifully, and even has a little bit of stretch to it.


I’d like to give a shout out to the coffee shop blog for this awesome photoshop action.


Isn’t the strawberry button the cutest?!

ImageAs you can see from the two photos above, the bust area is a bit of a problem. I took the one above after I lifted my arms and pulled the dress back down a bit. The facing doesn’t lay flat on one side, and it kind of bubbles on the other side.  I unfortunately have no idea how to fix it, and standing completely straight and with my shoulders back doesn’t make me excited. Maybe I need to move the underbust darts down?

sureau giveaway

 Would you like to make your own Sureau? You have a chance to win this pattern! Just leave a comment telling me about the fabric you’d like to use to make it. The contest is open to anyone in the world with a mailing address. I will choose a winner in one week and will announce the winner on 15 april 2013.

Sorry, the giveaway is now closed.

15 thoughts on “Sureau reveal and a giveaway

  1. wow this dress is gorgeous!! wouldn’t it be awesome to make a comic book one, maybe black and white 😀 soo cute! and yeah the strawberry buttons are gorgeous!!

  2. What an awesome dress! I would make it out this great fabric called “Geekly Glasses” in Lavender by Amy Adams and then wear it to all the awesome geeky things I have going on this summer. 🙂

  3. Your dress is gorgeous! And I love your choice of buttons 😀
    I would love to enter this giveaway please, though I would find it near impossible to choose just one type of material to make this in. I like the idea of having the band with buttons on in a contrasting block colour and maybe adding bias binding around the collar and hem of the sleeves that matched.
    Happy sewing xxx

  4. I would love to win this pattern! If I did, I’d use a soft dark green fabric with yellow details (which I may allready own..) and little yellow buttons! You look fantastic in this make, love the fabric and the buttons!

  5. I love this dress. I think the problem with the bust is that the measurement didn’t leave enough ease. It could also be that the measurement from your shoulder to your bust-point (the most forward point of your bust) needs to be adjusted. (that would also have something to do with the position of the ends of the darts.) It might be worthwhile to make a bodice sloper so that you know what the actual situation is. (I’ve been having a peek at the instructions offered at Madalynne’s blog,, because she also talks about fitting sleeves into the armscye.)

    I could see this in a soft green, brown and light blue print stretch-y mesh that I got last year for a song (and for which I have been looking for the right pattern. Needs to have that lick of retro, soft lines with femmy details, like the bodice gathering at the front placket!) and for which I’d love to design a (machine-knit) sweater to go with it….
    cheers, Katicakes

    • Thanks so much for the advice! Considering how long I’ve been sewing, I’m just now discovering the world of fitting! In the past I’ve just blamed the pattern, not really thinking about the fact that every body is different. A sloper would probably do wonders for discovering how to fit myself.

      • In fact, this was in my head, and I got into one of my books (from years ago, when I did a draping/moulage course) and it looks like you are busty (bigger than a B-cup, for which most patterns are fitted) and that means that you need more room not only around the circumference of your bust but in the measurement from the shoulder to your waist. However, you don’t need that extra vertical length in the armhole, so you need to make an adjustment to the bodice that takes out the extra slack in the quadrant (lapsing into Start Trek lingo) that falls between the armscye on one side, the shoulder seam at the top, and the lines that would demarcate (vertically) your shoulder to bust-point, and the bust-point to side seam. You can see in the foto where it’s a bit floopy verging around under your arm. A sloper would definitely help with this problem, though you’d could already make some significant adjustment on the flat pattern itself. I learned this when making a pattern for an otherwise moderately built friend of mine with a D bra-cup.

      • You have a great eye for fit! Some of the things you mentioned, I didn’t even notice. And I am indeed larger than a B-cup! I’ll have to read more up on bust adjustments… Thanks!

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